Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are not going to go away!!!

I had a voice mail late Friday from Paige Boggs of the Indiana Attorney General's office that went like this:

"We have yet to decide if we are going to proceed with the matter of the Olde Geneva Dairy" I am waiting to talk to the Section Chief of the Consumer Ligation Division. If you have any additional questions please call me at 317-233-4738".

Okay ladies we have her direct number........................CALL HER and let her know that that is not acceptable!

I was called a couple months ago to confirm my case and was asked if I had (1) gone to the OGD and (2) if I got my deposit back. I was told at that time they were proceeding with the case! Now they are saying they haven't decided!

If we don't want this to die we need to let our voices be heard so I urge you to call and let your voice be heard!!!!!

In my opinion it is now the principle of the thing, this man cannot be allowed to get away with scamming the Scrapbooking Community, we do have a voice and we are not unimportant!!! What he did was a crime!!!

Remember................squeaky wheel!!!!!

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