Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Cancellation

As our story continues we have CANCELLED, the entire group sends off emails to Mr. Anson Craig Bridgers, stating our concerns, asking questions, thinking we might get answers and finally on Sunday, July 22, 2007 we receive the reply

Now having time to sit and check emails once home this afternoon, it seems that everyone that should be receiving our directions and final information email this afternoon has decided to cancel for next weekend July 26,27-30th.

I’ve only have a chance to read a few of the notes but some of them were very rude and accusatory for no reason. I’m not saying they all were, but many certainly.

I know that someone called Saturday night right in the middle of dinner and Craig was unable to talk at that time but he did mention it to me and I was going to call Ms. Mueller back today, however it pretty much seems pointless now.

We all have been very accommodating to your group having answered more than 60 emails and dozens of call as of last Thursday and have not yet let any group down in any way.

To avoid having to re-read each email and answer each individually, I’ve spoken with one of the owners, they asked me to explain what I could in a note to everyone as soon as possible.

Until a few minutes ago the owners, along with a half dozen other people, were feverishly working to get the new location up and running so that it would be ready for your group. We’ve all be working toward that in the last few days. Whatever location someone said was “red tagged” was not our current retreat location.

At the last meeting that the owners, attorneys and county officials had, it was decided that we would not attempt to get the old location up to speed again as problems with neighbors and commercial building requirements would make the changes unreasonable and that we would simply accelerate our ultimate plan of moving to a bigger and better location, already zoned for the activities we do.

Let me make a couple of things clear at this point. We have never been stopped in operation due to “Local Health Dept. (Robert Lewis) action. We had a health dept certificate for our old location and we currently have one for our new location – plus a recent favorable inspection report.

Also, please do not reply saying we should have let someone know about relocation sooner. I can tell you that we did not know for sure if we would be able to have the new location operational by the time your weekend arrived and also did not know for sure if we would not be able to have the retreat at our old location until mid last week.

Many of our guests fly in from out of town and as we would never cancel a retreat for that matter. We always make sure contingency plans are in place no matter what. Priority #1 was to take care of guests coming to the retreat this weekend and after that, priority #2 was to inform your group of any changes in location or anything else having to do with your weekend.

It’s water under the bridge now, but I assure you that we did not make the final decision as to what we would offer for your weekend until a few days ago and as Sunday afternoon was the first reasonable chance to answer your questions etc. It would not have made sense to send a note Friday as everyone could not have been dealt with until this afternoon.

I can say that your weekend retreat was fully expected to take place, limousines were lined up already for several of your group that was flying in and accommodations were already confirmed.

If anyone receiving this email has purchased non-refundable airline tickets and still wishes to attend the retreat next weekend, please reply and let us know as your retreat, transportation and scrapbook area will be ready.

Otherwise, please do not reply to this email for other comments as your cancellation has already been received.

Thank you

Ann, Alyce and Debbie

Your friends at the Dairy Olde Geneva Dairy Flat Rock, Indiana

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