Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What we learned

By the time we had received the reply from Olde Geneva, we had already started to find the negative postings and concerns on the various other scrapbooking message boards and forums.

We have since learned:

The Olde Geneva Dairy Retreat, formerly known as the Scrapbooking Dairy is not a viable business. It is not now or has ever been licensed as a Bed and Breakfast (which is what all Scrapbooking Retreats in Indiana are classified as), the owner Mr. Anson Craig Bridgers does not have a Business License or Merchant Certificate for this "business". Nor are there any health or safety certificates for any location within Indiana borders for any “retreat” being ran by Mr. Bridgers.

There is an ongoing investigation with the county and state officials, complaints have been filed with the local police, not only by his neighbors, but also by retreat goers.

Yet they can’t seem to shut him down.

There are rumors of domestic violence, DUI arrests, bankruptcy, and so on.

This hobby we call scrapbooking is made up of 90% women (will probably more) and we are a trusting group, we trust because it is in our nature, we believe that if anyone shares our love for our hobby they too must be trustworthy. Which in my opinion is why this man, Mr. Anson Craig Bridgers, has been able to get away with the crime of defrauding our community.

I believe he thinks that we are too embarrassed and humiliated to share with the other members of our community exactly what has happened and we won’t complain about it.

I ask you, is this true? Are we going to allow this to happen? I say NO we are not!

We are going to ban together and fight. I have no doubt this fight will be a long one, I believe we will have to be diligent if we wish to see justice.

This person is advertising a service that is not being provided by a true business in any sense of the word and he is using the internet to cheat/scam hardworking people out of their money to fill his own pockets.

If you have been a victim of Mr. Anson Craig Bridgers and Olde Geneva Dairy please join us in our crusade for justice. When I say victim I'm not just referring to losing money, but the whole one gal this past weekend which drove 7 1/2 hours to find that her group was to be put up in a sleazy motel or that the retreat was not as advertised on the website, make your experience known.

You will find links to the left for the many agencies we all need to be reporting our experiences with the Olde Geneva Dairy and Mr. Anson Craig Bridgers to.

Don't forget to contact your..........................

Credit card companies, yes I realize that we probably will not get our money back, but we have put up the flag

PayPal, put up the flag, let them know it is a scam, he is not providing the service as advertised

US Postal service if you mailed him a check, it is a federal offense to defraud using the mail

We have added links to the REAL scrapbooking retreats in Indiana and the various scrapbooking message boards/forums where other women have reported being scammed by the Olde Geneva Dairy.

Feel free to send us your links and comments.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, we are that squeaky wheel!

On a happy note, our group still had our “retreat”, we gathered despite all of this in Castleton, Indiana at the Best Western, we came from Florida, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington and Indiana. We visited the local scrapbooking stores that extended us discounts after hearing our story, we participated in the Saturday evening ScrapMania at Archiver’s in Castleton and we all became great friends, but this is a story for another day.


Anonymous said...

FYI-he charged sales tax through his "other business", A.G.Bridgers Manufacturing which is tax fraud, yet another criminal offense and is a federal offense since he probably did not claim any of the income either.

Anonymous said...

There are four of us women that go to the Olde Geneva Dairy every fall and spring. We have been there twice now, and have not had any problems. Other than Craig never returned any calls or emails but we blamed that on him being a man. We did however have a trip planned for next weekend and have been emailing him over and over to get the directions. Thankfully you all have left these comments so we know what is going on and we are not going now and have reserved a hotel and meeting room for alot less money. Luckily Craig did not require us to send a deposit since we have been there a few times so we have no money loss. This all is just so frightning to me because we always have a blast there and really enjoyed it. I guess we are just a bunch of women that was being scammed. He did get really angry at me the last visit for answering his phone, I thought I was doing him a favor but he did not want us to answer it and he did tell us he was put on some medication for some medical issues he was having. Go figure!!! Thanks for th updates we really appreciate this because it is about a 4 hour drive for us also.