Friday, August 17, 2007


As we all know there are hundreds upon hundreds of message boards and forums that cater to our hobby, scrapbooking. Our experience with the Olde Geneva Dairy has made us personally aware of many of them as we are posting on as many boards as possible a WARNING about Olde Geneva Dairy .

A warning that we believe is very important to the safety of other women. What is amazing is some of these boards and forums are deleting our benign messages, sometimes with a reason why and other times not, a few of them follow.

Although we respect the opinion of the administrators of these boards and forums, there in lays the question about the lack of concern they are exhibiting about the defrauding of scrapbookers who are mostly women and the concern for our safety. Which in turn is enabling Mr. Bridgers to continue with his scam on our community.

It begs the questions………………………….are these sites that membership should be desired, especially if our Freedom of Speech is going to be moderated and/or our posts deleted.

I am not advocating that other scrapbookers not enjoy these sites, I am simply stating that I am alarmed that (1) they haven't taken the time to investigate the facts and (2) are taking it upon themselves to Police the opinion of others.

That is my opinion, I do not demand that others agree with it.

Splitcoaststampers -

It sounds like your retreat story was a nightmare. What a lot of anxiety. I did want to PM you and let you know that your post was deleted. It is against our Terms of Service to post derogatory information about individuals, whether they are members here or not. I am sorry because I can understand how infuriating the situation must have been.
Please let me know if you have any questions

APeekintoYesterday -

I did delete your post, and I should have sent you a note about that. I'm very sorry I didn't. I support your cause 100%. However, I try not to allow posts along that line at Peek. It could quickly get out of hand, and then we would have a flame board, which I have worked very, very hard to avoid. I don't know how I would draw the line between what is allowed and what isn't. I hope you can understand. I really want Peek to be a pleasant and peaceful place. I also feel your issue is not going to be resolved by spreading the word on scrapbook sites. It is an issue for the police. But you are right - this man needs to be stopped. But I don't think you can do it here at Peek. I hope you can understand and support my position.

organized scrapbooks -
No explanation, just deleted the post.

3Scrapateers -

First, it was approved, 2 days later the post removed and this message was received.
Although I completely understand what you are trying to do, and believe it's a good idea to share the info we can't have it in the 3S forum for legal reasons. We wish you luck with your plight, it sounds like it's well under way.3Scrapateers Management - Stacey K. -

Welcome to our site...I removed the link from your post and also from your signature line...if ppl want to know what is going on they can certainly pm you. We are pretty strict rules about links on our site…………….we can't allow posts of this sort.
From scrapadd

ScrapFriends -

It's a little difficult to decide whether posts like this should stay up. It would appear that your main motivation for joining was to post this Olde Geneva info, and we (scrapfriends management) don't want to assume the role of "Web Police". On the other hand it appears to be credible... (and we're very sympathetic to the situation!) Unfortunately appearances alone do not justify enabling these kinds of public service announcements. Without research, we really don't know if there is any slanderous information on the linked website. And as stated: "Our purpose is to encourage one another in development of layout technique and style, page numbers, organization, and general scrapbooking growth."So, I snipped that part of the post, but left the signature link. We hope you stick around and enjoy ScrapFriends!

Scrap4Life -
No explanation, deleted the post

These are all message boards that are no longer in my Favorite Scrapbooking Folder and urge any of you reading this to express you displeasure too.

And the list just keeps growing................................

Just4Keeps-Scrappers Talk -
Deleted link to blog

Susan's Scrapbook Shack -
Portion of post deleted, the portion regarding the Olde Geneva Dairy Scam and all links


Anonymous said...

First of all, good for you! You need to let others no, especially since it could take months for the final conclusion.

I am from Shelby County, Indiana and have witnessed the rise and fall of the Geneva Dairy first hand.

Most of the story has played out over the past couple of years as the dairy was started and then the marital difficulties of the owners got in the way.

I guess it was destined to fall as it did, based on the history of the owner that is easily found online.

I strongly believe that your posts are being removed based on threats from the Geneva Dairy to those sites. Be prepared for him to threaten this site as well. As long as you keep to the facts, you will be fine. He will threaten and try to belittle you as he is a desperate man at this point.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your efforts in getting the word out about a potential scammer. However, I think that your posting not to purchase at the sites you have listed is very sad. Why damage the reputations of honest scrapbook sites who have done nothing other than protect themselves from potential slander lawsuits. They have no way of knowing if what you have posted it true and it is unfair to put these owners in the middle of the situation. Get the word out on sites that permit it and honor those who choose not to be put in the middle.

Nina said...

No where have I stated don't "purchase" from these sites.

Simply that I am alarmed and concerned that one's opinion is policed.

I'm alarmed that the Scam is allowed to continue, possibly as a result of the information NOT being available to the scrapbooking community.

Anonymous said...

I have read your crusade with interest and wish to urge you to keep up the good work. Yes, it may seem frustrating that some sites will not allow your links to stand, but please respect their decisions. Bridgers is a sue-happy fellow and VERY vindictive. The word is getting out about him, thanks in part to your actions. Now, let the county and other law enforcement officials do their part.

I am remaining anonymous on this post (removed to protect identity by blog administrator). The complaints raised by the guests are 100% true; the stated conditions at the site are accurate. I am sorry that folks lost their money to this clown, he deserves to be run out of town on the rails for the disservice he's done to our county.